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About Me

I am Elsie Ofulue the Chief Energy Officer and Events Director for Events on Wheels. I’m popularly known as the ‘Dancing Wedding Planner’ as you will catch me more often than not shaking a leg to bring calm.  

A mother of four, A Minister of the Gospel and with a professional background in communications and investment banking, I draw heavily on my multifaceted life in managing relationships to ensuring your events are executed seamlessly.


My guiding principle and ethos is based around my Mum’s advice to me many moons ago ‘Remember the Child of whom you are’.  While I remember I am her child, most importantly I am a child of God and this means for me – Integrity, Honesty, Trust, Diligence, Discipline and Excellence in all things.  I have a great sense of humour and my USP is Grace! 

With me, you get a planner who has a highly Flexible approach to planning. One who possesses the irreplaceable virtue of patience which aids the overall performance of the day.  I have often been described as the family planner as I Daresay can placate the most emotional family members.

My Planning style is very personalized. It’s all about You. 


Your wedding your way with my help.

Working with the best of the best in the industry so nothing about your wedding is left to chance, I create an experience that is unique to you and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

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My Ideal Client is My Friend. Someone whom we enjoy talking to each other, sharing random jokes and hearty laughs.  My Ideal Client is down to earth, does not compromise on quality and completely trusts me to honour their vision.  My Ideal client wants the best with a great slice of fun and knows that I will do everything within my power and even in the face of adversity to achieve this.  


My Ideal client long after their wedding stays rooting for me whilst recommending me to everyone.


Above all, each and every client is incredibly important to me as I take them on that journey to that place of happy ever after…

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‘Elsie has the uncanny ability to be at numerous places at one time, she is able to talk to anyone and everyone to diffuse any situation and get them on board’

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