Is This a Show Stopper??

It's 7am in the morning and Amie gets a call that Sally her bridesmaid will not turn up thanks to an emergency, another call comes through saying candy cart will arrive at 4pm instead of 2pm earlier agreed. Thinking what else could possibly go wrong only to arrive at the church and the red carpet that should have been placed for her to walk down the aisle is stuck in traffic, oh I almost forgot no bouquet!!!!

OMG! You say, as Amie at this point was totally freaking out with pictures in her head of a disastrous wedding. As I sat and looked on, my favourite question ‘Is this a show stopper’ popped in my head and I smiled as the answer to this could bring a smile to Amie’s face.

The question ‘Is this a show stopper’ has seemingly become a big sentence that pops out of my mouth to my brides, it is one question that has become so embedded inside that it pops out at the slightest thought in wedding planning.

Brides they say have often planned their weddings right from when they used to play princess roles in school plays or just about the house with neighbourhood friends and dolls. These in turn make them have a set idea of the kind of wedding they want even before the groom pops the question.

You ask a bride what she wants for her wedding and she gives a long list and leads you into a beautiful dream land with everything you can think of in it. Listening to the bride, you are thinking to yourself will all this not be an over kill? Will all the elements not be too cumbersome in having an enjoyable wedding? But No! The wedding planner smiles and goes on that determined journey to ensure it all goes right. You begin to do all you can to give her the wedding of her dreams, searching the length and breadth, even calling on the heavens just to most times prove that nothing is impossible.

The funny thing is along the way you both discover that not all on the plate is coming together just right. The bridesmaids suddenly can’t be at the wedding, the carefully chosen chocolate fountain at last minute will not be present as the vendor had unforeseen circumstances, suddenly the day seems to be taking a downward turn and the bride is stressing out.

This is the time you take a deep breath and ask the question ‘Is this a show stopper? A. Will the bridesmaids not being able to attend be a show stopper? B. Will no chocolate fountain or fruits not arriving be a show stopper? C. Will the red carpet not being laid in time for the bride to walk down the aisle be a show stopper? D. Will the fact that her dad probably will not arrive on time to walk her down the aisle be a show stopper?

Now if the answers to the above questions are a resounding ‘No’ then there is really no need to bother your head about it.

I am sure at this point you are saying to yourself, how can you think like this Elsie? This is her once in a lifetime event that must be perfect. The one event that she has dreamed off all her life. Yeah right! It can still be perfect without it being stressful so let’s give solutions to the questions above.

a. Bridesmaids can’t make it, many pretty friends/ family will be delighted to walk down the aisle for you even at the shortest notice so look around and pick. Then again where is it written that every wedding must have bridesmaids? Scripture and verse?

b. Chocolate fountains/ fruits are what you call nice to have at a wedding, with the trend these days it’s almost a too common element. As long as there is the real deal meal to feed the guests, lots of drinks and music, we sure are on our way to having satisfied guests. I am not sure I have heard where guest complained that the wedding was bad because they didn’t have chocolate. Lol

c. OMG! Red carpet makes you truly feel like royalty right? But hey the very fact that you are the bride or groom, the most important person on the day, the one whom all have gathered to see sure makes you royalty without the red carpet.

d. The answer to this is simple, what are brothers, uncles, and all other male gender folks there for? Daddy can’t make it on time, cling on the next available. Even in modernised world today mothers also walk their daughters down the aisle.

If you are not convinced let’s talk about what really is a show stopper. It definitely is that element of the wedding which if it goes wrong disrupts the whole wedding.

No Venue is a start. But if the bride or groom doesn’t turn up at the wedding, that my dear is indeed a show stopper!!!

So if it’s not a show stopper it sure isn’t worth the stress!​

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