Is hiring a wedding consultant necessary?

The decision to hire a wedding planner will ensure that you, your family and your guests will be able to enjoy your special day with the reassurance that all of the details are being handled by a professional. A wedding planner is an essential element of a well-planned wedding. Most couples are shocked to discover how much preparation is involved. A wedding planner will guide and assist you in making informed decisions by providing all the special attention needed for your wedding to help your vision of your wedding celebration come to reality.  A wedding planner can take advantage of discounts not available to private parties and avoid costly mistakes. Your wedding planner will act as troubleshooters and are generally aware of things that are easy to overlook.   Once we know your budget we will make sure you are using the best vendors that meet your requirements.  A wedding planner is an expert in the field of weddings, style design, etiquette and coordination. We understand the dynamics of a wedding and will provide attention to detail.  Our training, knowledge and experience will turn your dreams and expectations into reality. Hiring a Personal wedding Coordinator will elevate some of the time and energy you will spend and in the end will save you money because of the suggestions and alternatives  we bring to light. The wedding planner is to carry out your vision. She helps you bear the load and keeps things from falling apart by assisting you in pointing out pitfalls and snags well in advance..

How do I know I am hiring the right consultant?

When choosing a wedding planner, it is important to consider their personality and perspective. You should feel completely comfortable with the consultant you hire. At EOW, we believe it just comes down to TRUST!
Trust is important in any relationship. You should feel completely comfortable with your wedding planner and designer and feel assured that he or she completely understands your needs and your personalities should match. At EOW you will meet with fun, energetic, professional, experienced, organized, detail-oriented, imaginative, people-person, possessing mature judgement, patience and the know-how to orchestrate your special day.